Due to COVID cases within our church, our services will be ONLINE ONLY

New Sunday Service Schedule FAQ

1) What is the new service schedule? The new service schedule is as follows:

Adult Sunday School & Small Groups
Kids Sunday School (2 years old through Kindergarten)
Nursery (0 - 2 years old)
Modern Worship Service

Sunday School & Small Groups
IgniteKIDS (2 years old through 5th grade)
Nursery (0 - 2 years old)
Blended Worship Service

2) When does the new schedule start? Sunday, August 29th.

3) Why are we moving to a new service schedule?
During COVID, the staff & leadership used that time to evaluate the different ministries of our church. We identified 4 areas that we wanted to focus on. First, was the fallout from COVID and how we get people excited to come back to church after being at home for more than a year. Second, was the problem facing the workers of our children’s ministry. While Ignite has been a great boost for our children’s program, the volunteers were left missing out on church whenever they served. Third, we need to be better at connecting new people to our church community. And lastly, placing a greater emphasis on discipleship. We believe that our new service schedule will create more opportunities for us to be better in all these areas.

4) I like the church schedule the way it is now, so what changes for me?

When planning the new service schedule we wanted to provide more opportunities without disrupting those who like the current schedule. The only thing that will change for you is that you’ll have an extra 15 minutes of fellowship time.

5) Will this split the church?
We do not expect it to. Regardless of which service we choose to go to, we are still one church. We do need to be more intentional when it comes to having more church wide events and we plan to make this a focus as well.

6) Will the same sermon be preached in both services?
Yes, both services will have the same sermon.

7) How do I sign up for a small group?
We will be starting sign ups later this summer.

8) What ages will small groups be available for?
Basically all ages. In addition to the adult small groups, kids age 2 through 5th grade will be in IgniteKIDS which consists of a large group worship time then splits into smaller groups. There will also be a separate group for middle schoolers. As well as a group for high school/college students.

9) Where will the Modern Worship Service take place?
This service will take place in the Fellowship Hall. This will help manage the cross traffic between the two worship services. This allows those attending the Blended Worship Service to be seated without having to wait for the first service to be dismissed. There are also a couple Sunday school classes that share a wall with the Sanctuary and we’ve noticed during sound checks that sound from the Sanctuary bleeds into these classrooms.

10) Where will the kids go during the Modern Worship Service?
We will have Nursery for 0 - 2 years old and a Kids Sunday School class for 2 years old through kindergarten. Kids in 1st grade and up will attend the Modern Worship Service at this time.

11) Do we have enough volunteers to do this?
In short, no. We have enough to make do for a period of time but this definitely creates more opportunities for others to step up and serve. We will need volunteers in every ministry from the nursery to the tech booth to the safety team.

12) How do I sign up to volunteer?
There is a volunteer interest form on our website and mobile app. Click this link below: