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Mission Of The Month

Good News - May & June 2022
“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”   Romans 10:15b“
Practical, day-to-day support can make Bible translation possible.
For over 70 years, JAARS has helped dozens of partner organizations get the support they need most, whether that’s a laptop and Internet access, a lifejacket and water safety training, or a flight to a remote island or mountaintop village, pilot training and mission aviation services to remote technology and communications support, JAARS provides off-the-grid logistical solutions that help make Bible translation possible.  In the words of Cameron Townsend, founder of JAARS, SIL International, and Wycliffe Bible Translators, “Airplanes and radios don’t just make translation easier; they make it possible.”
Jesus Film Project
Using the most powerful medium for the most powerful story. – the story of Jesus
When people come face-to-face with Jesus—when they see him smile, when they hear him speak in their own language, with their with their own accent—they are forever changed. The Jesus Film Project believes movies offer the most dynamic way to hear and see the greatest story ever lived.  More than 490 million people have come to Jesus after watching these films.
“We want everyone, everywhere to encounter Jesus.  we are driven to bring Christ-centered video to the ends of the earth.”